What We Do


DDC offers its clients experience and expertise in providing a complete service in road safety furniture and solar farm supply and construction.

We have significant resourcing capability and established project management and administrative expertise, systems and procedures to effectively manage projects, offering an innovative approach and implementation.

DDC's business values and approach ensure that all projects have a high level of commitment to Safety, Quality and Environmental management and construction practices. Through DDC’s partnership approach, understanding the client’s needs and requirements, DDC is committed to a positive commercial outcome for all involved.

We have invested in specialised equipment and specifically Turchi pile driving machines offering the highest level of safety while ensuring the best production range.  

Our core competencies include; Road safety infastructure, Solar Farm construction, Retaining Walls, Noise Walls, light civil works and Fencing.

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DDC have acknowledged that just keeping the roads safe is no longer sufficient due to such environmental issues as global warming and have educated ourselves to establish how, we as a company, can help create a more sustainable world for our future generations .

Family Orientated

DDC is a family orientated company which aims to keep everyone safe and healthy. We achieve these goals with our contributions to the safety of our roads and the work done to help provide renewable energy.


DDC have committed to the renewable energy industry to assist in creating a greener solution for the world’s power.


DDC have been long committed to safety on the roads. Installing many safety barriers to protect the public from the dangers of run off the road accidents. We have extensive knowledge of the specialised systems designed and installed to limit and control the impact on vehicles in accidents and lessen the risk of fatalities for vehicle occupants.