Renewable Construction


DDC’s renewable energy division grew out of our relationships in the Unites States of America and off the foundation of our successful road / transport and infrastructure construction business, into Australia’s leading large-scale solar construction company.

The company’s specialist teams and extensive range of equipment operate across regional, remote and arid areas of Australia. Our global operations and international relations have enabled us to bring to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience with local application into the Australian market, which has made us the go to organisation for Project developers, EPC contractors and the industry.

Our core expertise is solar farm construction including Pile Driving, Frame and Racking Construction, Tracking System Assembly and PV Panel Installation. We provide civil works including Roads and Fencing along with services such as Pile testing, Pile surveying and marking, and Consulting services including, Project Management, Project Review and Pricing Review.


Renewable Services


At DDC, we own and operate a pile driving fleet to complete your project efficiently and on time. We have worked with local and international solar EPCs, developers, and mounting solution providers to offer superior pile driving services throughout Australia.

Our experienced pile driving crews use specialized, hydraulic operated pile drivers to place racking posts into the ground to the required depth without using poured concrete or other costly foundation support methods. We provide outstanding flexibility on all kind of ground conditions, experience with a variety of racking systems, and best in class piling performance.


We offer cost-effective ground mount framework and racking assembly services for a wide variety of commercial and utility scale projects. Our services include the installation of open terrain ground mount, fixed tilt, and single axis tracking systems.

DDCs installation service is built upon best practices for the specific racking manufacturer system adapted to the project’s unique conditions to provide a high quality, lasting system. Our skilled installation teams provide on-site solutions to daily and site-specific challenges to help ensure that high quality projects are completed on time and on budget.

Fun fact: The best racking solution for your project is the one that can be purchased and installed at the best price, whilst offering engineered longevity.


As a full-service installer, we have the field experience and technical expertise to perform all module installation techniques. We provide panel installation services that reduce errors, maximize efficiency and ensure a high-quality product that meets all manufacturer and industry standards. Our commitment to excellence, safety, on-site management, execution and delivery time is second to none in the industry.


DDC’s foundation was in the road transport sector, we can apply our expertise and equipment to the completion of roadways and fencing within the solar farm, bringing further benefits of scale to your project.


Value add Services

Geotechnical Support

Geotechnical testing is required to determine the embedment depth necessary for structural strength and stability. Thus, in order to minimize the embedment depth, a pull or load test should be conducted. Pull/load tests are conducted at multiple locations at a site, with different embedment depths to optimize the strength, stability and efficiency of the project.

We offer geotechnical support to provide information relative to the subsurface soil condition, site condition, and vertical & horizontal test data collection.

Pile Surveying & Marking

The EPC, developer or site contractor, during planning and development of the solar site plan, is usually working in conjunction with a civil engineer to plot the solar array and layout correctly on the parcel. A licensed surveyor team is then sent out to the site to set the pile locations on the field.

DDC can offer the client several time and money saving pile staking options by having the surveyor set only a minimum of field “control” points and DDC will complete setting remaining pile location markers with our technical layout team.

Engineering Support

We work closely with project developers, engineers and general contractors on jobs where quality is key, timing is critical, and success of the work depend on perfect execution. Our team of experienced personnel will provide their expert guidance throughout the entire project. We provide our support considering geotechnical conditions, site logistics while optimizing the system size and power production of your project.  Our Project review and pricing review services are sought after methods to inject our experience early into a project