Our Vision and Values

DDC will be a leader for a sustainable world.

Our aim is to become cost effective, reliable and responsible turn-key solution to our clients and industry. Our key values focus on how we can achieve this vision and build an even stronger company by underwriting and enhancing relationships with all participants, employees, sub-contractors and customers as well as the local communities.

Where We Stand

We have an excellent team of long standing, competent and professional staff.

Education and training is valued by our company and we work with our staff to help them all reach their greatest potential.

At all times we consider the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and general public, and pay close attention to maintaining the environment in which we work.







Our Values

  Building Partnerships

The key to our success is positive client relationships

• In everything we do we consider the impact this will have on our customers

• We develop and maintain close personal contact with our key clients so that we are better informed

• We help our customers to understand our business

• We listen to our customers to seek out their current and future needs and tailor our service accordingly

• We rapidly resolve customer complaints

• We measure our client’s satisfaction

  Better and Better

Everyday we aim to get better and better at what we do

• We continually look for improvement in our knowledge, skills, creativity, motivation and performance

• We learn from our mistakes and do not assume

• We are innovative

• We remain agile so that we can rapidly respond to market changes and opportunities

• We deal effectively with issues

• We set specific goals based on strategic plans, and manage performance against these goals

• We keep up to date with industry and technology trends

  We Create Stars

We educate, train, mentor and coach others whenever we can

• We reward for good performance

• We retain talented staff

• We appreciate each person’s individuality and what they bring to work

• We acknowledge that there must be a balance between employee’s work and private lives

• We are accountable and take responsibility for our actions

  One Team

We manage the whole company as one team

• We openly share information

• We are positive and make things happen

• We behave like no one is more important than anyone else in the organisation

• We listen to each other and we never put one another down

• We respect and trust people

• We are honest and polite

• We behave safely and look after the safety of others

  Considering Tomorrow

We are responsible and a sustainable business

• We manage our company’s activities in a way that demonstrates our social, environmental and economic responsibility

• We actively investigate and look for opportunities to improve our environmental management

• We recycle materials and waste where ever we can

• We care about our environment

• We seek sustainable growth through a focus on the future and willingness to make the long term commitment